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Only The Wild Ones

Beauty is worth fighting for.  But only if you have the right reasons. Beauty isn’t an end in itself. Beauty isn’t for others. It is for you and yourself only. But only the wild ones get it.

The world around us is never completely friendly to our interests as individuals. In our professional and personal lives, people smile at us while asking us to play demeaning family, social, and professional roles. Oh…and they also want us to look good while playing those demeaning roles. To hell with that.

At Vilana, we believe in the cage-breaking potential of natural beauty. By preserving or enhancing our health and bodily aesthetic, we gain the necessary confidence to fight back and follow our own authentic life path.  Beauty is about autonomy, not about servitude.

Let’s be honest about it, most of us have cages to break.  Vilana Natural Beauty products have been created to help you in your self-liberation mission.

Cage Breaking Time

Beauty allowed Vilana to break her own cage:

“Having escaped childhood poverty marked by family dysfunction, toxic relationships and abuse, I made something out of myself through education, new social connections and hard work.

However, having escaped one cage, I soon found myself locked in another. I became a financially dependent housewife with three children.

And while my family means the world to me, I felt that I wasn’t living up to my full potential. Much worse than that, I was diagnosed with depression and lost my last bit of self-esteem. On top of that, my exhaustion started to show on my face and in the condition of my skin. And none of the oils, creams and serums seemed to be working for me.

Now that I remember myself back then, I was more dead than alive”.

about us

As she later found out, the products she was using weren’t exactly innocent despite being advertised as such. And that’s when it was time to start breaking the cage:

“By developing my own natural beauty brand, I managed to feed two birds with one seed.  By mixing my knowledge of traditional recipes with radically natural philosophy, our team managed to create healthy and efficient products.

At the same time, I broke my cage, rediscovered my inner wildness, and found and a new purpose in life. I am confident and independent to a point where no one can belittle me.

Now I want the same for all Vilana brand followers”.

All Vilana cage-breaking beauty products are handcrafted from natural ingredients in our own Scotland-based workshop.  Vilana beauty line includes over 120 products spanning across haircare, skincare, body care and aromatherapy categories.

What’s unique about Vilana beauty products is that each and every one of them was created to solve a specific skin or hair problem reported by a customer, colleague or family member. If the solution becomes popular among other beauty-seekers as well, the product becomes part of our main collection. Each product is made exclusively from natural ingredients following a radically natural production philosophy.

Today, the Vilana brand is not only engaged in the production of cage-breaking beauty products but is also involved in educating women through the activities of Vilana Academy. Our community is based on sharing beauty tips and life experiences. We believe that beauty is only worth fighting for if it helps break cages.


  • award'VEGAN MINT CONDITIONER' was awarded a Silver Medal for the haircare category at the international 'Free From Sxincare Awards 2021'.
  • awardIn October 2021 'Vilana NB LTD' became a finalist at the 'Fife Region Scotland's Business Awards' in the 'Best Beauty Supplier' category and was announced as a winner.
  • awardOn 20th March, 2022 'Vilana NB LTD' was nominated and won in the 'Best Beauty Product Supplier' category at the 'Scotlands Business Awards Grand Final'.


GIVE BACK- our Love for Nature not only allows us to draw a Breath of Fresh air and Inspiration, but it gives us an opportunity to give back.

More than 1000 trees were planted by us already and we want to do so much more...

Always being very mindful of our environment and planet we started the Tree Planting initiative in order to give back to nature as much as we can. We have a different product featured every week that our customers can buy, when they do a certain amount from their purchase goes towards tree planting.

We can’t wait to get more trees in the ground!

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