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At Vilana, we believe in the cage-breaking potential of natural beauty. By preserving or enhancing our health and bodily aesthetic, we gain the necessary confidence to fight back and follow our own authentic life path. Beauty is about autonomy, not about servitude.

…Only The Wild Ones...

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Reward your accomplishments in ways that make sense. If you started exercising, buy new workout clothes. If you're focused on your inner well-being, invest in essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers.

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Hair care


My life is not perfect but my hair - oh, yes!

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In order to contribute to nature conservation, we donate part of the profit to a tree planting project

At the end of the life of the products - the packaging is easily sorted and recycled

The ingredients in our cosmetics extracted from natural resources are gentle on nature and people

Caring for the environment today promises us a happier tomorrow

for nature

Our love

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Antibacterial salve

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Mint Hair Conditioner

Our most popular product

Awarded in an international competition!

This natural hair conditioner was awarded the BRONZE MEDAL at the '2023 Global Green Beauty Awards' in the 'Best Natural Conditioner' category !!!

Antibacterial salve

Only The Wild Ones Beauty is worth fighting for. But only if you have the right reasons. Beauty isn’t an end to itself. Beauty isn’t for others. It is for you and yourself only. But only the wild ones get it. MORE
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Discover the Vilana Academy

Your gateway to the full potential of natural cosmetics

Join us to learn how to choose the right products, master your skin care routine, hair care techniques and more. The knowledge we share will take you on a transformative journey, allowing you to confidently integrate naturalness into your everyday life.

Register now and enjoy the art of natural beauty.

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Customer reviews

4.9 rating of 1033 reviews
Jurgita Stankiene
Verified purchase
13 hours ago
Super! Labai geras,drėkina,stangrina,jaunina oda ,nusipirkau jau antra buteliuka ,nes naudoju beveik kiekviena vakarą...
viktorija zubauske
Verified purchase
4 days ago
WoW! Tiesiog, nuostabus….Pirma karta naudojau kietaji sampuna ir buvau labai maloniai nustebinta rezultatu ❤️❤️❤️ mal...
Kristina Pasakinskaite
Verified purchase
1 week ago
Eteriniu alieju kvapas jauciamas tik esant salia difuzerio.Nepadeda net aliejaus kiekio padidinimas. Nezinau ar cia b...
1 week ago
Produktas patinka, geras veikimas, puikiai valo zarnyna
Simona Razanauskiene
Verified purchase
2 weeks ago
Turiu egzema jau labai senai ir niekas nepadėjo nei daktares išrašyti tepaliukai,kol neatradau magic touch,pats geria...
Inga Miliuniene
2 weeks ago
geriausias konficierius kadanors sutiktas- ir man ir dukrytėms. Nuostabi Vilanos ir gamtos dovana naudotojams.
Renata Basiene
Verified purchase
2 weeks ago
Puiku, kad turi SPF. Pats geriausias misriai odai!
Asta Strunkeviciene
Verified purchase
2 weeks ago
Tiko ir patiko